An in-depth look at how our multi-disciplinary team innovates and delivers industry-leading projects.


Ballot Printer

Converting a scanning imager (SI-1100) into a ballot printer for Korean elections.


Allows operators to adjust the loft and lie angles of golf clubs with unprecedented speed and precision.


Enlightened puzzle for the masses

Resistance Training Glasses

Sharpening your senses

The Senaptec Strobe is designed to train the connections between an individual's eyes, brain, and body. The lenses flicker between clear and opaque, removing visual information and forcing the individual to process more efficiently. It can be incorporated into many sport drills and exercises.

Truck Mount Radio

Extreme environment. Designed the anti-shock mount and performed thermal analysis on the battery packs.


Simplified design yields lower manufacturing cost and weight savings

  • Performed calculations to select proper load bearings to assure quiet operation for over 30 million revolutions.
  • Designed a remotely actuated locking pin to hold the blade stationary for service and maintenance.
  • Assured that the design conformed to ANSI/AISC 360-05 and IEC 61400-2 standards.
  • Worked with manufacturer to determine a best practice for a repeatable, top and bottom shaft alignment across an almost 20-foot span for production.
  • Designed a more structurally strong and aesthetically pleasing "x-shaped" design for supporting the arms.
  • Provided engineering support during manufacturing, wind turbine testing, and field installation.
  • Performed a detailed cost analysis to bring down manufacturing costs.
  • Improved torsional stiffness by a box structure of struts and bent flanges.
  • Reduced the number of parts in this subsystem from 25 to 11 and assembly time from 8 hours to 1 hour


Increasing patient compliance via an in-home, easy-to-use dried blood spot collection device

Drop Detect

Verify drop emission and drop velocity for micro-fluidic dispensing systems

Thermal Mock-Up

Waveflex Hand CPM


DVD Rental Kiosk

Product Requirement: Create a robotic DVD rental system which automatically detects the DVD, presence of disk, and if correct, returns it to the correct slot.

Hardware: RFID recognition, smart return slot, electronics & motor drive, touch screen monitor, automatic high-capacity loader.

Operation: User loads DVD into kiosk. Kiosk senses if disk is present in case. Robotic delivery inside kiosk delivers disk to the correct slot.

Also designed & built an automatic, high-capacity loader that allows a service technician to load a stack of DVDs into the correct locations with a simple command.

Timeline: 14 month development cycle

Results: Bill of Materials cost decreased by over 50% with improved reliability


Development tool that allows R&D engineers to have a flexible, modular platform to dispense from nanoliter drops to milliliters.

Product Requirement: Development tool that allows R&D engineers to have a flexible, modular platform to dispense from nanoliter drops to milliliters.

Tool Parameters: Dispenses single drops down to 10 nanoliters. Also dispenses continuous material, like for gaskets. Automated quality control, with camera system that measures the dispense path.

Hardware: XYZ motion stage controlled to 20 µm, 300mm2 work area; modular to allow for different dispensing syringes or heads (like Advanjet non-contact jetting technology, pneumatic syringes, syringe pumps); brushless DC motors with embedded motion control to sync dispense to motion

Operation: Computer controlled dispensing. Operator sends a file and NexStep dispenses fluid in the location and quantity desired.

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