What We Do

Simplexity is a product development engineering firm, hired by leading technology companies to design their next generation products. In an industry of overly-complex design and production, we strive for simplicity, reducing product cost and improving reliability for our clients through our 7 Steps to Simplification© Process.


At Simplexity we eat, breathe, and sleep engineering and understand the complex technical challenges that come into play when bringing a mechatronic product to market. We’re in this business because products are things that people interact with every day and we’re problem solvers, here to make people’s lives better through the products that we design.


We take the time to understand each customer's goals. That mission takes shape through our unique approach, dedicated focus, and extensive skills and experience.


Simplexity’s Product Development Process draws our clients a detailed map to the lowest-risk path for delivering products that are simpler and more reliable. We follow industry best practices with a phase-gate approach which is customized by our 7 Steps to Simplification©, yielding significant results for our clients no matter if they’re starting from a napkin sketch idea or looking to complete the engineering on an existing design. Following a proven process keeps our emphasis on simplicity, increases efficiency, and reduces our customers' risk. It's success through simplification.


Simplexity’s technical focus is on mechatronics and embedded motion for custom products. As such, our projects are cross-disciplinary endeavors requiring advanced skills in mechanical, electrical, computer, and controls engineering. Despite this complex web of disciplines, our dedication to mechatronics translates to simplicity for our customers. By taking a systems approach using vetted solutions for PCA design, mechanisms, and firmware, new projects rarely start from scratch. Instead, they leverage the mechatronic work we’ve already done, increasing efficiency and lowering risk.


Over half of the Simplexity team gained extensive experience in high-volume design and manufacturing at industry leader HP. This group is complemented by subject matter experts with advanced skills in the disciplines that make up the mechatronics field. What do these skills and experience look like? We can fix servo problems that baffle our competitors. We have designed printed circuit boards that have been commercially produced in volumes of more than 100,000 per month. In addition to optimizing gear trains for high-volume applications, our engineers have actually developed the tools Fortune 500 companies use for designing custom gear tooth profiles. Collectively, we are listed as inventors on more than 200 patents.

The Simplexity Promise

You’re here because you’re seeking a simpler and more reliable design for your product. You want to minimize risk, and you want your final product to be efficient and to function well. You’ve come to the right place. At Simplexity, we find simple and reliable solutions to complex problems. And we’d love the chance to do it for you.

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Our Career Opportunities

We're always on the lookout for outstanding engineers who are interested in joining our team. Are your credentials top notch? Are you creative, hard-working and endlessly flexible? Most important of all, are you ready to be responsive to some of the brightest, most demanding clients working in engineering today?

If your answer is "yes", or even better, "darn right", we may need your talents. If you're also a sponge, ready and willing to soak up innovative techniques from our experienced engineers; some of the most accomplished leaders working in mechatronics today.