IoT Product Development

The future is now. The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is all around us, merging smart products containing sensors, actuators, and software with network connectivity and the cloud for collecting, monitoring, and exchanging data. Whether it’s environmental sensors monitoring climate, wearables improving exercise form, or kitchen appliances speaking to us, IoT devices contribute to the betterment of entertainment, health, society, and beyond.

Simplexity’s Capabilities and Expertise

The first generation of IoT products were focused on collecting data from the outside world and displaying it on a mobile device. Few IoT products truly interact with their physical environment. Those that do tend to be add-ons to existing products, such as a web remote control for your TV or a web interface for your home climate control system.

Simplexity is well-positioned to help your company interface with both the digital and physical world. We believe the true promise of the IoT lies in devices increasing the level of interaction with the physical world.

Partnering for Success

The diversity of skills required to create an IoT product is daunting. Companies can only hope to specialize in a portion of the skills required to ship a world class IoT product. Typically, developers and engineers specialize in either the networking side (mobile and web applications, servers, etc.) or in creating the hardware, that is, the “thing” itself.

Simplification and a focus on hardware is the driving force behind Simplexity’s design process. To handle the rapidly evolving mobile and web app development space we partner with industry leaders to deliver a complete IoT-enabled product.

Simplexity’s deep bench of experts in IoT product design are experienced in:

  • Embedded firmware.
  • Sensors fusion and data processing algorithms.
  • Electrical hardware development and miniaturization.
  • Design of mechanics for low-cost, high-volume processes.
  • Systems engineering.
  • Wearables.
  • Wireless.
  • Embedded systems.
  • Motion control.

The combination of these skills allows us to create highly integrated, cost-optimized smart products for the IoT space that a one-stop-shop can’t match.

The result: a comprehensive product designed by a team of engineers, developed to function with cutting-edge IoT technology.

Simplexity’s areas of specialization, coupled with our partners, deliver a top-notch IoT product for your organization.

Case studies in IoT product development


The Nautilus® SelectTech® Dumbbell

The Nautilus® SelectTech® Dumbbell was a testament to Simplexity’s algorithm and firmware development. We recommended sensor electronics, developed the algorithm to recognize and track exercise, and owned the firmware that made them the smartest dumbbells on the market.


Senaptec Strobe

Senaptec Strobe training glasses demonstrate Simplexity’s ability to deliver both mechanical and electrical simplification. The client provided Simplexity with a preliminary design. Our team then reduced part count by over 50 percent, while making the device easier to assemble.


With the complexity of working with accelerometers and magnetometers and gyros, we realized that we were in way over our heads. Seeing that Simplexity had done similar successful projects gave us the confidence that we needed to enlist them for our project. Simplexity was there with us as partners to help us get to the end.


Simplexity is your partner with a proven team to reduce risk and simplify your IoT device design.