Bob Callaway
Expert Systems Engineer

Portland Metro Office


    • BSEE, Computer Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


    • Eight US Patents with Hewlett-Packard:
      • 5663624 - Closed-loop method and apparatus for controlling acceleration and velocity of a stepper motor
      • 8719599 - A method for monitoring subsystem power
      • 6674260 - DC Motor Control (Calibration Based DC Motor Temperature Control)
      • 5898288 - Inexpensive motion control using brushed DC motors
      • 4759649 - Method and apparatus for moving perforated continuous paper through a dual axis printer
      • 6340221 - Ink jet print carriage drive system that applies drive force at location displaced from drive belt
      • 6485383 - A method and apparatus for maintaining a substantially constant belt tension under changing temperature conditions
      • 6017114 - Shifted element scanning/printing routine coordinated with media advance
    • Numerous HP trade secrets

Interests / Obsessions

    • Sailing to exotic locations
    • Downhill skiing
    • Woodworking & Metalworking
    • Fishing in exotic locations
    • Embedded Control Systems
    • Engineering in all disciplines
    • Family
    • Fine wine & great beer

Favorite Quote

Not that there is anything wrong with that
- Seinfeld


    • Systems Engineering
    • Cross disciplinary system optimization
    • Feedback control/servo systems
    • Dynamic system modeling
    • Embedded C programming
    • Embedded assembly programming
    • Open-loop stepper motor system design
    • Digital & analog circuit design
    • Inkjet Printers
    • Optical sensors


    • Twenty-seven years with Hewlett-Packard designing and developing motion control systems for Ink Jet printers for multiple HP divisions.
    • Numerous optical sensor designs for HP Ink Jet printers.
    • Electro-mechanical and computerized tool design for analyzing Ink Jet printer dynamic behaviors.
    • Founder and Technical Lead for the HP Vancouver Servo team
    • Two years as Consulting Engineer for motion control and optical system design for non-HP customers.
    • One year contract engineer for Hewlett-Packard working through Sigma Design.