• Engineer who builds quad copters and programs Lego robots for fun
  • Have found a way to excel in the most challenging circumstances
  • Like to work around smart people
  • Are not a fan of bureaucracy or office politics
  • Do not quit until a job is well done
  • Like to take the weekend off for a favorite activity


  • Believe in utmost integrity
  • Pursue excellence until we have produced our best work
  • Do not work on projects that harm people
  • Focus on making our clients wildly successful
  • Appreciate taking the time to enjoy life

Do we have a match? Most important of all, are you ready to be responsive to some of the brightest, most demanding clients working in engineering today? If your answer is "yes", or even better, "darn right", we may need your talents — send us your resume.

Current Positions Available:

  • Embedded Firmware Engineer
  • Senior Embedded Firmware Engineer