Walt Sanders, PE
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Portland Metro Office


    • BSE (Mechanical) University of Central Florida) 1976
    • MSE (Mechanical) University of Central Florida) 1981
    • Post University Training:
      • ASME Y14.5M 1991 (GD&T)
      • Medical Device CGMP Design Controls
      • Thermal/Fluid Analysis 
      • 6 Sigma and DOE


    • ASME Senior Member
    • Registered Professional Engineer (Florida)
    • 9 US patents awarded:
    • 2 International patents
      • 2056912, May 13, 2009, Float for Humidification Chamber
      • 6870620, March 22, 2005 Apparatus and Method for Determining Tissue Characteristics

Interests / Obsessions

    • Camping and hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest

Favorite Quote

  • All designs are optimized, frequently to the wrong parameter.

- Unknown


    • Consumer product development
    • Medical device design
    • Specialization in complex Opto-mechanical systems
    • Requirements and design specifications
    • CGMP Design Controls
    • ASME Standard documentation and doc control systems
    • FEA stress, fluid and thermal analysis
    • Mechanical analysis using FEA, CFD and manual calculations
    • Optical stability and beam pointing analysis
    • Precision positioning system
    • Heat transfer equipment design
    • Injection molded part design
    • Military/aerospace component development
    • Strong communication and problem solving
    • Design for Manufacturing using ASME GD&T 


    • 40+ years in engineering design, analysis and product development
    • 20+ years of medical product development, including:
      • Optical based instruments used to screen patients for conditions base on optical response of tissue to light
      • Serum bilirubin measurement device
      • Diabetes screening instrument
      • Cardiac care device
      • Devices for vascular brachytherapy (treatment of coronary arteries with radiation via cardiac catheters) and peripherals that supported these products
      • Peripheral artery balloon catheter, steerable catheters and a catheter with corkscrew shaped end for treating atrial fibrillation
      • Devices that deliver medication and other fluid to patients
      • Syringe pumps and high-volume medication pump manufacturing improvements
      • Respiratory therapy devices and components that are very high volume, disposable products like respirator circuits, humidification chambers and sterile water delivery systems
    • Product development under ISO 9001, Medical Device (CGMP), DOD and FAA Controls
    • Laser optics and imaging optics
    • Very large and very small thermal management systems
    • RF communications (antennas and RF components) and antenna positioning systems
    • Converting a commercial laser module to a MIL qualified product
    • Highly complex optical systems for industrial processing of high resolution display screens
    • Design of a handheld commercial laser range finder and the design/engineering of the heat exchanger and cooling water system for the TDT wind tunnel in Langley Virginia