Chris McIntyre
Production Manager

Portland Metro Office


  • GE, Cal State Fullerton


  • Awarded for EOL robotic packaging station implementation

Interests / Obsessions

  • Owner/Entrepreneur of specialty Golf Event business, Play Hickory, Inc.
  • Golf Travel – Scotland is unbelievable!
  • Playing golf with antique wooden shaft golf clubs

Favorite Quote


  • Process and build technician
  • Production Tool Design
  • Machinist
  • Tool & Die Machinist


  • 33 yrs HP manufacturing processes
  • Statistical Quality Control Implementation
  • Build Technician for PC robotic assembly line
  • Process Technician for PC thru-hole and SMT assembly
  • Supervisor – Technician Support & Production Line
  • Production tool build coordinator
  • Contractor liaison for construction and assembly line installations