Brent LaPorte
Expert Electrical Engineer

Seattle Office


    • B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Washington


    • Three patents
      • Patent number 20090261141 - Ergonomic Stapler and Method for Setting Staples, April 18, 2008
      • Patent number PCT/US1999/006585 - Wireless, Wearable Network Computer System, March 19, 1999
      • Patent number 5748185 - Touchpad with Pan and Scroll Regions, May 5, 1998
    • Certificate of Achievement - From the Laboratory to Leadership, Developing Scientific and Corporate Leaders
    • Management and Leadership training course by Marilyn Deming: The Leadership Edge 

Interests / Obsessions

    • My Wife Karla and my dog Bubba
    • Keeping in excellent physical shape
    • Alpine skiing, XC Skate skiing, Road cycling, Water skiing, Boat camping, Woodworking, and enjoying the company of my friends 

Favorite Quote

  • Do unto others as you would have others do unto you

- Unknown


    • Technology research and application
    • Project team and vendor management
    • Specification writing
    • System architecting
    • Analytical evaluation
    • Circuit board architecture
    • Designing for EMC and RFI
    • Desire and drive to learn any skill that is necessary 


    • Researched various concepts for client technology applications. These include measuring particle density in air, smoke detection, creative NFC/RFID applications, high volume display technologies, levitation, circuit board security, and automated cooking.
    • EE responsible for design of an aerospace quality gigabit Ethernet switch hardware for a commercial airline video distribution system.
    • Technical lead of an integrated design team that re-architected and redesigned a molecular diagnostic system for detecting infectious diseases.
    • Technical lead of an integrated design team that developed a transdermal fentanyl delivery system using iontophoresis.
    • Technical lead of an integrated design team that develop an automated microfluidic chemistry system for a microbial whole genome analysis device.
    • Lead EE responsible for design of a production scale DNA synthesizer.
    • Lead EE designed, built, and tested a very low cost computer/pedometer.