Gerold Firl
Senior Mechanical Engineer

San Diego Office


  • BS Applied Mechanics, UCSD
  • MSME, UC Irvine


    14 US patents and 1 pending:

    • Ink jet printer thermal control system (4,910,528)
    • Method for making tab circuit electrical connector supporting multiple components thereon (4,989,317)
    • Thermal ink jet print device having phase change cooling (5,272,491)
    • Paper trays for computer driven printer (5,354,044 and 5,454,553)
    • Apparatus for enhancing ink-flow reliability in a thermal-inkjet pen; method for priming and using such a pen (5,517,217)
    • Multi-purpose paper path component for ink-jet printer (5,581,289)
    • Modular wiping unit for inkjet print (5,644,346)
    • Inkjet printer with variable wiping capabilities for multiple printheads (5,644,347)
    • Combined central and lateral hold-down plates, and end-of-page advance-distance decrease, in liquid-ink printers (5,646,667)
    • Wet-wiping technique for inkjet printhead (5,847,727)
    • Scanner carriage lamp reflector and method of using same (5,973,815)
    • Wiping system for inkjet printer (6,000,780)
    • Spectrally balanced scanner (6,219,159)
    • Dried blood spot collection device (WO2016025709A1)

Interests / Obsessions

  • Autopoiesis
  • Complex adaptive systems

Favorite Quote

  • Cognito, ergo non illegitimati carborundum.
  • Expertise

    • Systems engineering and analysis
    • Micro-mechanical design
    • Fluids and heat transfer


    • Inkjet printer design and development
    • Printhead design and development
    • Optical scanner design and development
    • Production line tooling
    • Automated manufacturing
    • Globalization facilitator for low-cost manufacturing
    • FEA structural and thermal modeling
    • Computational fluid dynamics modeling
    • Thermosiphon solar hot water systems
    • Micro-mechanical lancing
    • Opto-mechanical algorithm development
    • Instructor, AMES 156A, Mechanical Engineering Design, UCSD. Senior-level design course: stress-strain, static and dynamic; materials; fasteners and welds; springs; transmission and gearing; clutches and brakes, axles and bearings; statistics, reliability, worst-casing and tolerancing.