Mike Fairchild
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Portland Metro Office


  • BSME, Oregon State University (cum laude)


Interests / Obsessions

  • Metal casting
  • Stirling engines
  • Machining
  • Kayak building
  • Child raising
  • Bicycling

Favorite Quote


  • Mechanical design
  • Web material handling
  • Process development
  • Automation
  • Product design


  • Structural and mechanical design of vertical axis wind turbine
  • Industrial printhead service station
  • Assembly fixture for micro-components
  • Printhead manufacturing automation, design and procurement
  • DeskJet printer internal component design and media ejection
  • Design and installation of high-speed dispensers for corrugated board/plywood and beverage packing industries
  • Design and development of ink acceptance, storage and delivery systems for solid ink printer