Lisa Coyne
Director of Business Development

San Diego Office


     Fresno State University, Craig School of Business

    ISO 13485 Medical Device certification


    Interests / Obsessions

      Lisa is proud of her Italian heritage and has a local 1 acre farm that includes fruit trees and organic vegetables. She loves to cook all cuisines and has a professional kitchen, which she hosts large family functions and parties at her house. If you stop by, you will usually find homemade pasta and sauce on the stove and she will gladly make you a plate.

      Lisa has a passion for non-profits such as the Red Cross and Children with Rare Diseases and volunteers her time when possible. She also has worked with the city of Vista, CA managing city wide events for them.

      Lisa raises Monarch Butterflies for which she has a small habitat on her farm and is married and has one daughter in college studying to be a Physician’s Assistant.

    Favorite Quote

    "Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care."

    -Damon Richards


      Client and vendor relations.

      Development and management of sales and marketing teams.

      Sales reporting; pipeline, forecasting, ROI, expense reports and budgets.

      Manage and execute, CRM- and all client records.

      Project management of conceptual phase through completion.

      Up and downstream marketing.

      Market research and activities such as competitor analysis, market trends, analytics and global market share tracking. 

      Management of website, design, SEO and analytics.

      Management and creation of content - design for social media, campaigns, E-blasts, print and presentations.

      Manage and execute event planning: booth logistics, design, event research, logistics, tracking and expense reports.

      ISO 13485 representation.



      Lisa's career includes over 20 years’ experience in business development and marketing in electrical engineering and manufacturing, specializing in bio engineering. Her career has been focused on developing long term relationships with clients, vendors and co-workers that facilitate a mutual working relationship that is beneficial for both parties.