Industrial Product Development

Simplexity defines industrial products as machines that our clients sell to other businesses or use themselves as a part of their core technology. These products are typically produced in smaller volumes, and require more customization and integration than commercial off-the-shelf components can offer. Simplexity’s industrial products often incorporate precision motion, sensing, and advanced process controls. Our expertise in these fields differentiates our products from others produced by typical industrial automation or system integration companies.

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Challenges of industrial product development

Industrial products offer a unique set of development challenges. Clients in this space come to Simplexity when they are looking for:

  • Cost reduction. Depending on the anticipated installed base and complexity of a machine, Simplexity may have the opportunity to enable significant cost savings through higher integration to reduce the bill of materials part count, or through the replacement of expensive, overdesigned components with a simplified custom design.
  • Improved reliability and serviceability. Making repairs to equipment that failed in the field is expensive, both in terms of labor and replacement parts. Clients often ask Simplexity to find robust replacements for motors or sensors that are working unreliably in their operating environment.
  • Simplified manufacturing steps. Simplexity performs workflow analysis in a manufacturing setting. The results may lead to the design of a custom automation tool which can eliminate a bottleneck in manufacturing.

Simplexity's priorities for machine design

As product realization experts, our priority is to work collaboratively with our clients to meet both the technical and business goals of a new product. Our team commonly augments the client's core expertise, enabling rapid transformation of benchtop concepts to finished products. Together, we comprise an expert product development team, continually focused on project priorities like:

  • Product performance.
  • Device and consumable cost.
  • Design manufacturability.
  • Intuitive, safe, and reliable operation.
  • Time to market.
  • Development cost.

Simplexity’s capabilities and expertise

As an engineering and technology-focused design company, our goal is to create the best design team of mechanical, electrical, and firmware engineers and technicians in the industry around the core competencies of industrial product design. By applying past expertise and our tried and true process of 7 Steps to Simplification©, we help clients with:

  • Design for reliability, testability, usability, and manufacturability.
  • User experience design and workflow analysis.
  • Liquid handling and pump systems.
  • Sensor development.
  • Motors, actuators, and control.
  • Integrated sensors and electronics.
  • Displays.
  • Power supplies.
  • Test and assembly automations.
  • Precision temperature control.
  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA).
  • Interface with contract manufacturing Qualifying parts for manufacturing.
  • First article inspection.
  • Vendor selection.
  • Preparing detailed Bill of Materials (BOM) for procurement of parts for assembly.
  • EOL (end-of-line) and mid-line testing tools and processes.
  • Quality Assurance Testing: Accelerated Life, HALT, and STRIFE.
  • Product Validation.



Chromasun partnered with Simplexity to develop a single axis tracking system for their solar thermal panel in order to provide a supplementary energy solution that fits into existing infrastructure.


This bullseye custom golf club bender allows operators to adjust the loft and lie angles of golf clubs with unprecedented speed and precision.


With Simplexity’s help we were able to resolve the many competing requirements for tracking accuracy, reliability and cost that resulted in successfully building the highest temperature roof-top solar collector on the market.

— Mikal Greaves,
Co-Founder & VP Product Development, Chromasun Inc.

Simplexity is your partner with a proven team to reduce risk and simplify your industrial product design.



Allows operators to adjust the loft and lie angles of golf clubs with unprecedented speed and precision.