Tech We Can’t Wait To See At CES 2019

By Scott Jarnagin (Director of Business Development)


It’s that time of year again! After the empty boxes, empty calories, and the holiday lights have come down, it’s time for the tech-loving adults to enjoy their annual after Christmas treat in Vegas.

From robots to wearables, there is no shortage of tech to explore. If you’ve never been to CES (Consumer Electronics Show), it may be hard to realize the enormity of the show. With over 4.4K exhibiting companies, 182K attendees, and over 250 conference sessions pining for your attention, CES may just blow your mind.

There are the amazing flying cars, incredible interactive displays, and AI products that might make you question what year it is. And then there are the other innovative products that have the ability to change the world, upgrade your quality of life and improve your health.

Without further ado, here are the top products we can’t wait to see at CES 2019.

Smart Baby Monitors

Image: Miku

As a parent, I know how critical it is to feel like your baby is safe at all times. Technological advances have made it easier to ensure that throughout the night your child is doing well. A lot of companies now have products to give you that peace of mind and can even monitor baby's heart rate and oxygen levels. Check out Miku, Owlet, Raybaby, Smartbeat, and Monfoxy to see what’s going on in this space. These are certainly not your parents’ baby monitors.  

VR Haptics

Image: Teslasuit

Haptic devices are getting popular. Space-aged smart suits, gloves and shoes, and even mid-air haptic devices are giving us a glimpse into the future of gaming and the immersive VR experience. Electrical stimulation, heat control, motion sensing, and integration with a number of gaming systems – the ultimate gaming platform is upon us. Check out companies like Teslasuit, Ultrahaptics, Cybershoes, Brilliant Sole, and bHaptics to see some of the latest technologies that let you touch and feel virtual reality. 

Women’s Health

Image: Elvie Pump

Willow came out and was a game changer, and this year there is the Elvie Pump. This new breast pump gives women another option when it comes to quiet, portable pumping. The near silent, USB-charged, app-connected device collects milk in a re-usable portion of the device so you aren’t going through disposable bags with each use. Awareness and advancement of technologies in the area of women’s health is a much appreciated and needed improvement in recent years, and one that will hopefully continue to grow.

Cleaning Robots

Image: Coral One

Finally, a smart vacuum that doubles as a handheld. Meeting your everyday no-touch floor needs as well as the sporadic couch, car seats, and other odd surfaces that will invariably need some attention. The Coral One utilizes an unprecedented combination of innovative smart sensors to ensure it avoids obstacles with ease and tackles tough terrain effortlessly. 

Smart Glasses 

Image: Everysight

Smart glasses have been around, but things have come a long way. Features like 360-degree image capture, high end image resolution, and integration with many device platforms are just a few reasons this market may actually explode. In a world where AR and wearables are becoming more and more mainstream, there’s still hesitancy among everyday wearers for something that doesn’t look like “normal” glasses. We’re not quite there yet, but the feature rich products and applications are finding their niche. Check out ORBI, Aris MD, Vue, Vuzix, Thirdeye, Dreamworld, EverysightMira Labs, and Senaptec for some of the new offerings this year. You can also learn more about Senaptec, and the science behind how stroboscopic training enhances anticipatory timing in our case study


Image: Nuheara

Whether for fitness, fun or health - wearables is a huge market. Small, low powered, connected devices are at the heart, and as technology advances the possibilities continue to grow. Meditation aids, body heat powered watches, and a plethora of medical devices are some of the highlights. Check out Matrix Industries, Medical Wearable Solutions, Amo Lab, AURA, MyKronoz, Sportfitz, Nuheara, ProGlove, and InteraXon for more info on some of these revolutionary products.

Smart Home 

Image:  Minut

Security, efficiency and convenience are things that make smart home devices so popular. CES is chalk full of devices that fit the mold with plenty of options. Minut, Alfred, Top Greener, Sunflower Labs, Third Reality, and Simplehuman offer some of the exciting products that will make your humble abode a little more advanced.

And there you have it. Innovative tech we can’t wait to see on display at CES 2019. When you engineer and design products for consumer, wearables, AR, VR, and smart home markets, you'll see why CES is our version of a futuristic adult playground on the Vegas Strip.

Check out our Ossia Cota Case Study to learn more about the technology that won a CES 2018 Innovation Award.


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