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Test early, test often. This philosophy is consistent with the theme of addressing high-risk areas first. As soon as our engineers have a prototype in hand, they are testing to see what specifications can be met and what needs to be improved.

Sometimes building a prototype isn’t enough. Having one embodiment of a design is nice, but having a tool where you can vary parameters and test how they interact with one another is invaluable. This is where our custom-designed test beds and characterization tools come in.

Occasionally, an entire project centers on building the right test equipment. Read our “Three Holes in One” case study for a great example of how Simplexity design and test strategies result in surprising benefits for customers.

Testing Capabilities

We are industry leaders in evaluating and redesigning products for simplicity and low cost, without sacrificing reliability or functionality. Our testing capabilities are integral to that process - read on for a few examples:

Environmental Testing

Testbed design and manufacturing

  • Independent evaluation of sub-system designs
  • Test bed design and prototyping

Characterization tools

  • Modeling, for example to predict pressure of ink along various portions of a ink delivery system
  • High precision tools for measuring flatness, straightness, pitch, roll, step time, and various parameters
  • Manual, multiple degree of freedom (DOF) tools and fully automated tools (based on throughput and need)
  • Thermal models to predict temperature for heating and cooling

Design optimization through testing and Design of Experiments (DOE)

  • Identification of critical parameters and optimization
  • For multiple-parameter issues: ANOVA DOE (Design of Experiments) to matrix parameter ranges

Quality Assurance Testing

  • Accelerated Life, HALT, and STRIFE

Data acquisition and analysis

  • Tools include National Instruments and expertise in data gathering and analysis
  • Thermocouples
  • Laser Temperature Probes
  • Resistive Temperature Detectors

Guidance through certification

  • UL/CE and other processes to ensure that the product meets the specifications necessary to qualify for certification and safety standards.

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Environmental Testing

Our custom test plans that help prove client specifications are rigorous. Environmental testing is in-house on our Thermotron SM32SN Temp/Humidity chamber:

  • Large 32 cubic feet chamber (38” x 38” x 38”)
  • -30ºC to +180ºC (-22ºF to 356ºF)
  • 10% to 95% Relative Humidity
  • Synergy NANO Data Logging Touch Screen Controller
  • Air Dryer: controlled via NANO event to reach 10% humidity
  • Front Door Glove Port Option