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Manufacturing Development


At Simplexity, we start building prototypes as early as possible. Fabrication is critical, it’s ‘hands-on’ and, for Simplexity engineers, it’s real fun. It often starts with a simple mock-up during brainstorming and progresses to more sophisticated prototypes, production first article parts, and then to fully manufactured products and machines.

We have the right tools, like a CNC machining center, to create prototypes in record time. We may need to prototype a mount, a special tool or a customized part that supports quality assurance testing. In addition to creating prototypes quickly, our engineers are evaluating parts immediately to best judge where the next improvement should be made. We’re honored that our customers return again and again, trusting us to deliver the solutions that serve them best.

We work with a large network of vendors for component sourcing, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing. We personally guide your project to the right manufacturing solution for your job. Not faced with the pressure of having to keep a large internal manufacturing facility constantly staffed with work, we can aggressively find the best value for you among a wide variety of trusted and capable vendors.

During commercialization, our team provides all-important support for product manufacturing. The design is proven, and the analysis and test steps substantiate our strategy. During this phase, we provide on-site build support, process control and widely customized services to ensure that the project is commercially viable and the transfer to manufacturing is successful.

While working on the Cricut Imagine project our engineers traveled to the manufacturing site in Asia to define the right process metrics to yield a reliable product. Even after returning to the US, we continued to monitor manufacturing test reports during production ramp.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Do you have a prototype that works well, but now you want to get it ready for production in high volumes? Is your product or machine in need of a significant cost reduction or improvement in quality? Here are just a few of of the manufacturing capabilities we apply to new breakthroughs and existing product lines:


  • Proof-of-concept prototypes
  • We work with our network of partners to create cost-effective prototypes using various rapid prototyping technologies like SLA, SLS, 3D printing
  • Rapid prototyping of sheet metal and machined parts
  • Castings and elastomeric parts

Material selection

  • Injection molding plastic material selection
  • Selection of grades of steel, aluminum, or other metals for fabrication
  • Selection of lubricants, adhesives, and coating to enhance product performance

Small batch manufacturing

  • On-site builds of small batches of assemblies (usually up to 100)
  • Skilled mechanical and electrical technicians
  • Full turnkey builds of test tools and equipment

Internal machine shop

  • Manual mills and lathes
  • CNC Machining Center for accurate, repeatable parts
  • Press brakes and sheet metal forming equipment

Quality assurance

  • Inspection equipment for checking first-article parts
  • Granite table, dial indicators, calipers, gauge blocks/pin and other measurement tools
  • Quality assurance system for control of builds

Managed outsourced manufacturing and full commercialization

  • For larger builds (usually over 100) or special needs
  • Partnerships with trusted contract manufacturers in the US, Mexico, and Asia
  • Analysis of Cp / Cpk data and setting appropriate target values
  • Experience in taking a product through ramp to full-scale manufacturing

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