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Engineering Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

Developing a first-generation product is not usually about reducing cost. Proving that the design will function as needed and meeting an always-aggressive schedule take precedence. But once the product gains market acceptance, future success often centers on cost reduction.

Our cost reduction approach is from a systems perspective. In understanding how the whole system functions, we are often able to suggest sweeping cost reductions, that would not otherwise be possible by only trying to cost reduce each individual part. By questioning assumptions, focusing on critical performance parameters, and combining part functions, we have been able to cost reduce machines and products by as much as 50%.

Simplexity has such a long experience with cost-reduction that our clients return to us again and again for this service. We’re proud to call it a specialty of ours. Read about our wind turbine case study for a terrific example of how we reduced costs by eliminating over half the original parts and cut assembly time on one subsystem to just an eighth of the original time!

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