In Renewable Energy we embrace.

Engineering Renewable Energy

We embrace our clients' challenges and serve where our greatest strengths can help the most.

Our expertise in product development serves as counter-balance to businesses that are young and necessarily ambitious. It is critical that the manufactured product is reliable and cost-effective to reproduce in volume.  Ground-breaking technologies paired with solid engineering design transform those challenges into opportunities to shine in the market place. We trust our clients, C-level company leaders and engineering directors, and embrace their complex problems with our philosophy of elegant simplicity.

When the leader of an emerging renewable energy company cold-called us, he had high expectations.

We won by delivering creative problem solving right to the field, ensuring on site that our new design would be as easy to install as we designed it to be. Over a short period of time, we've been rewarded with more complex problems and requests to get involved earlier in the product development cycle. Best of all, we love the irony of our elegantly simple engineering solutions. When you've put everything on the table and worked like mad to find the answer, your reward comes when the problem no longer looks complicated; and at the project's conclusion, when your client says "we knew you could do it."

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