In Printing we listen.

Engineering Printing Services

We listen deeply, we respect our client's world.

We help by deploying our product development philosophy consistently, for over twenty years now. Beyond the immediate challenge, and our assignment, we go deeper to search for the wider business implications. Deadlines, product viability, and even careers may be on the line. In the midst of potentially high-risk events, clients return again and again. They demand high-value problem solving, knowing we'll be relentlessly honest with them. We speak up with what we think is in our client's best interest, even if that means there's less work for us. That's ok. Our relationships with clients stretch long because of our shared philosophies, our work ethics, our values.

Our relationships with Hewlett-Packard go back decades.

We trust our partners at HP to be inspired, industry-leading design engineers. They trust us to know their underlying technologies almost as well as they do. Hardware, software and firmware; it's all part of why HP calls us. We're honored to work with them, and our expertise with proprietary HP tools runs deep. We love their high expectations and appreciation for a simplistic solution. Even when the assignment demands we crank it out in two weeks, we stay focused on driving down costs with simply elegant solutions. Our assignment may be as narrow as correcting a failing component or as wide as the entire architecture for a new printer platform. In each case, we welcome the risk and embrace the challenge.

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