Simplifying the complex with engineering excellence

Our History

We run-walk, right from the beginning

In 1992, two engineers took a leap of faith. Leaving successful HP careers behind, they founded the Product Design Group, or PDG, on one belief. As seasoned professionals, they believed their ability to find the simplest solution possible was needed to solve real world problems across many industries. We began with a laser focus on product development—and we retain that same focus today.

Steady growth defined the trend from the very beginning. In our early years, we were proud to become trusted partners to technology leaders in printing, biotech, renewable energy and industrial companies—companies like Hewlett Packard, Agilent and TaylorMade-Adidas Golf.

When we were a decade old, PDG acquired a partner to significantly increase embedded software and hardware development capabilities. As PDG Hightower, we delighted clients with integrated mechanical, electrical and firmware solutions.

We get faster, smarter, bigger

Things got pretty exciting, when Flextronics wished to purchase our company. We weren't looking to sell, but realized that our clients would benefit from an integrated one-step design-to-manufacturing solution. Under the Flextronics brand, our design center developed a number of unique printer technology solutions, including a ballot marking system now sold as the ESS AutoMark.

Just a couple years later, Flextronics asked us to relocate our design center. But we had too many clients in the area; we weren't willing to leave them. With gracious support from Flextronics, we parted as friends and started anew. PDG Oncore was born.

A little over a year later, we expanded on our San Diego roots with a second office in Vancouver, Washington. It was a natural move, to accommodate the growing demand for our engineering services from our clients. PDG Oncore proudly continued the tradition of providing innovative product development solutions to a wide variety of corporate clients, from Hewlett Packard to LeCroy, we've always enjoyed doing what we do, representing distinctly different industry categories.

Today we're just the same, only more so.

We're Simplexity Product Development. Those earlier names were just too complicated; they didn't represent what we stand for. So we re-engineered. It's what we do. As Simplexity, we're the very same great people, still simplifying the complex with engineering excellence. We're just easier to remember.