Many companies need precision motion in their products. Simplexity has found that for companies with annual production volumes exceeding 100 units, the motion subsystem can often be 2X more expensive than necessary. When companies rely on off-the-shelf technology, the motion technology — in addition to being too expensive — is often not well integrated into the product.

Simplexity can help reduce costs by 50%

If you qualify for our 50% or Free Assessment Program, Simplexity will assign a team of expert motion systems engineers to review your current motion solution. If we are unable to demonstrate a credible path to achieving a 50% reduction in bill of materials (BOM) costs, you receive our report with the full analysis and recommendations for free.

Q: Who is Simplexity Product Development?
A: The West Coast’s leading engineering services provider focused on mechatronic product development and embedded motion.

Q: Why is Simplexity uniquely qualified to help?
A: Our team of engineers has decades of experience developing low cost motion subsystems for companies like HP and Illumina. By combining mechanical, electrical, firmware, and controls disciplines, we provide a more cost effective mechatronic motion solution that is customized to your unique product requirements.

Q: How much does a 50% or Free assessment cost?
A: A typical assessment is $10,000, although cost can vary based on project complexity.

Q: Which projects qualify for the assessment program?
A: Projects that use off-the-shelf motion subsystems in annual volumes exceeding 100 units. Projects using a combination of off-the-shelf and custom technology may also qualify based upon higher annual production volumes.

Q: Can you share an example of a project that achieved a 50% BOM cost reduction?
A: Yes, the Embedded 2-axis Stage for Scientific Imaging is a great case study which also includes a video of the process we use to achieve a 50% BOM cost reduction.

What You Receive

A comprehensive report evaluating the price / performance of your current motion subsystem, and at least one alternative simplified architecture. This begins with an evaluation of your existing concept, reviewing price and performance position, product and firmware integration as well as other areas for improvement.

Encoder Selection
Design guidelines and best practices for encoder technologies with specific recommendations.

Motor Selection
Design guidelines, best practices, and specific motor recommendations.

Gear Train Analysis
If applicable, Simplexity provides design guidelines and best practices for gear train analysis.

Cables and Interconnection Review
Assessment of current cables and electrical connections used. Recommendations for improvements to cabling and interconnect methods.

Supply Chain Review
Review of manufacturing methods and components suppliers.

Motion Optimization
Provide motion system analysis to optimize the price/performance ratio of your system.

In addition Simplexity provides: estimated tooling costs and non-recurring engineering development costs, along with an estimated timeline for completing the cost reduction work. Finally, Simplexity provides a breakeven estimate to determine the payback period.

See If Your Project Qualifies

Please input your information and we'll set up an assessment to see if your project qualifies.

Not all applications will qualify for the 50% or Free Offer. Simplexity will make the determination of suitability. Payment terms are 50% down and 50% upon delivery of the report. Note that cost reductions of 50% typically require an investment in non-recurring engineering (NRE) and/or tooling investment.   As part of the assessment, Simplexity will estimate those costs and still demonstrate a path to cost savings once a certain volume of units produced is achieved.  Part of the assessment is calculating the payback period.

Client will need to provide:

  1. A costed bill of materials (BOM) for the motion subsystem.
  2. Functional requirements
  3. Samples and/or CAD of the system
  4. Description of field failure rates and support costs
  5. Description of manufacturing capability and production yields

Simplexity's evaluation is an estimate only. Simplexity shall have no liability based upon this estimate. Normally Simplexity can perform the assessment in 2-3 weeks; however, lead time is based upon current workload.