In Industrial we own it.

Industrial Design San Diego

We own it, working in industrial product development, executing our client's innovative design concepts with pragmatic, affordable manufacturing engineering solutions.

We are expert manufacturing engineers who have been problem solving for manufacturing since the early days, before we were even called Simplexity, over twenty years ago. And we're proud to acknowledge many of those very first clients, product designers as talented and varied as A to Z, representing some of our longest collaborations still active today.

As engineers, we embrace the challenge and own it cradle to grave

This approach can get us into some pretty fascinating challenges. It might be a fixture needed for end of line manufacturing, with a miniature probe so small that it has to be assembled using a magnifying glass. Sometimes, it begins with a phone call like this; "We need a golf club bending machine that requires unprecedented precision. Can you design that?" When we got the call, bending the loft and lie angles of a club to improve your golf game was novel. Our elegantly simple solution was needed by TaylorMade adidas Golf, who envisioned serving a niche market in the United States. We helped by automating production just one decade ago. Today, our simple-is-best solution is still going strong, incorporating touch screen technology, customized software and hardware all housed in one behemoth of a reliable machine. And the niche market envisioned by our clients? Its spreading worldwide now.

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