In Consumer Products we choose.

Consumer Product Engineering

We choose to honor our client's ultimate goal: drive down costs.

Consumer products development has been in our DNA since the early days of Simplexity. We’ve had decades of practice, and quiet growth, and here’s what we’ve learned when it comes to consumer product design and development: it’s all about making smart choices. Designing for mass production dictates a rethink, a custom analysis of each detail. What works for production of complex industrial machines, often built in the tens or hundreds, may not be best when the output is millions. Simplexity clients needing consumer product design development return again and again, knowing we respect their critical need to drive down costs while walking a tightrope of quality.

Our experience drives a unique engineering solution to each problem.

Teflon is an amazing material. But our seasoned engineers know that in some situations a gob of plain old grease is good enough and even cheaper. Simply elegant isn’t only fewer fasteners and faster firmware. Cost-driven design is a Rubik’s Cube of choices. Whether the project is the electrical-mechanical design of a new handheld scanner needed in big box stores nationwide, or the design of a breakthrough medical device used to teach CPR, we simplify the complex through rigorous modeling and innovative design.

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