In Biotechnology we're holistic.

Automation Equipment

We're comprehensive in our approach; when listening to a problem posed by a scientist in biotech, the question to answer is, "How can we help?"

Our job, in joining the product development team, is to help define answers as quickly as possible. Could a mechanical engineering problem be better solved with software or custom automated machinery? Should we make a suggestion? Of course we should. Our clients trust us to offer innovative solutions and suggestions. As engineers, we're product development experts. We dream up cost cutting and labor savings over breakfast. Our biotech clients, brilliant scientists and inventors, don't have time to waste. They're too busy to productize research and prototypes. That's our job. Partner a seasoned Simplexity engineer with a scientific genius and, well, it's not just profitable and rewarding. It's really fun.

Being the 'get it to market' guys, our work in biotech goes way back.

It's a natural extension of our expertise in the electro-mechanical and electro-optical technologies so important to printer manufacturing. We solve laboratory automation problems posed to us by biotech partners like Agilent. Perhaps a biocide research project needs a printer to barcode test strips. Or, perhaps the laboratory equipment works most of the time but not always. In solving these problems, we respect the intellectual property issues our clients face. For one assignment, the proprietary new reagent was housed in a dispenser that was not reliable. No problem. We solved the frustration by testing our design with water, and working in partnership, our final solution lowered manufacturing costs significantly.

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